The BIG Picture's Premium Picks

If video and/or sound quality are your primary concerns when shopping for DVD ...or if you want a new title or two that will really push your video display, sound system or both to their limits -- you'll find exactly what you're looking for here. The BIG Picture's image and sound quality ratings are among the most discerning you'll find on the Internet. Notice that very few titles rate a perfect five globe score on either picture or sound -- and fewer still score our highest marks across the board. We're pushing the studios for the best image and sound available under the current limitations of the technology. Remember, these ratings are specific to image and sound quality only -- not the artistic merits of the films, which is more subjective.

Define the combination of minimum Image/Sound Ratings to display:

Definitions Video Rating Audio Rating
Best video and sound
Best video; includes very good sound
Best video; includes average sound
Best video; includes good mono or subpar sound
Includes very good video; best sound
Includes very good video; very good sound
Includes very good video; average sound
Includes average video; best sound
Includes subpar video; best sound

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